Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer in Stockbridge, GA; Healthy Diet & Weight, Not Drinking Alcohol or Smoking Cigarettes & More

Preventing breast cancer starts with healthy habits, like limiting alcohol intake and staying physically active. It’s important to understand what you can do to reduce your risk for breast cancer. Healthy Diet & Foods to Eat to Prevent Breast Cancer? Having a healthy diet may decrease your risk of some types of cancer, not to

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How Are Breast Cancer Screening Mammograms with Breast Implants Under & Over the Muscle Done in Athens, GA?

Breast implants may make the process of screening for breast cancer a little more difficult but if you have breast implants you should never avoid the process of regular screening. A mammogram can save your life so you should always follow the advice of your physician regarding screening for early detection of breast cancer. If

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Are There Cancer Causing Ingredients & Chemicals in Deodorants & Antiperspirants? Breast Tissue Health Risks of Aluminum & Parabens in Conyers, GA

For years now both the media and the internet have speculated that underarm antiperspirants and deodorants can cause breast cancer. Many media reports suggest that these items contain harmful chemicals which can be absorbed through the skin. In fact some scientists have speculated that some of the ingredients found in antiperspirants and deodorants may be

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Understanding Breast Cancer; Awareness of Different Types of Tumors & Stages, Emotional, Mental & Physical Toll of Detection, Diagnosis & Treatment in Stockbridge, GA

Breast cancer is an ugly phrase most people hope they never have to hear. When a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, many people don’t know a whole lot about it. Apologetic sympathies are issued, sometimes support and strength is offered, but if you or a dear one has been diagnosed, there comes a

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Young Women Breast Cancer Statistics; Does Carrying Your Cell Phone in Your Bra Cause Breast Cancer? Why You Should Schedule a Mammogram or Ultrasound for Early Detection & Treatment

Do cell phones cause cancer? It is a controversial issue that has been discussed for many years, yet experts in the field of cancer research are still unsure of the association. But it does appear that one does exist, and it hinges on where you happen to carry your cell phone. For millions of women,

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Mammography Helps Detect Heart Risk in Women!

Widely used mammography screening for breast cancer could potentially serve as a tool for detecting heart risk in women as well, a new study suggests. Researchers said the study, involving 292 women, showed a strong correlation between the amount of calcium detected in breast arteries on a mammogram and the level of calcium in coronary

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Dense Breasts: Ultrasound Beats 3D Mammography!

Ultrasound turned in a better incremental breast cancer detection rate than tomosynthesis in mammography-negative dense breasts, and a similar false-positive rate, according to interim findings from the ASTOUND trial. During 2012-2015, the multicenter Adjunct Screening With Tomosynthesis or Ultrasound in Women With Mammography-Negative Dense Breasts (ASTOUND) trail screened 3,231 dense-breasted asymptomatic women (median age 51)

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